10 Up-and-Comers to Watch in the Gym & Fitness Industry



 10 Up-and-Comers to Watch in the Gym &  Fitness Industry

The gym and fitness industry all over the world is one that keeps on growing. The industry as we know it is ever-growing and changing, with a focus seemingly moving away from regular fitness training that comes with a gym membership and taking some hours a day to lift weights and run to a more technocentric approach, making use of applications that offer a bitesize training approach. It is also possible for just about anybody to speak to an online coach in a bid to discover what it is your body type is and how can maximise your workouts. There are other fitness companies that offer smart materials or devices which track an individual’s body movements and motion ensuring that feedback is given on how to optimise the workouts.

Every one of these innovative fitness methods are booming as there are numerous advantages, like the fact that they save money and also offer up the freedom to exercise in a more precise, specified and quicker manner depending on daily feelings and moods. The aim of this article is to discover 10 up and coming companies to watch in the gym and fitness industry and Biloxi. Every one of these companies are continually growing their customer base and their community.

Asana Rebel

This is an exercise app created in 2015, that combines yoga with a list of fitness routines which promise its users a gentler workout process. It comes in 6 languages and is one of the most popular apps having been featured numerous times by Google and Apple. It is one of the most heralded fitness apps available. Apart from its innovative idea of connecting fitness and yoga, the interface of the app is contemporary and beautiful with a seamless to navigate interface.


8fit is an app that ensures healthy living is simple and fun. It does this by providing support and guidance which includes bespoke meal plans and workout plans. Created in 2014, it is able to support over 10 million users located all around the world, ensuring that are able to achieve their goals. The app is centred around progress rather than perfection. It is always better to select the right solution rather than simply going for a quick fix.


This app was created back in 2014, and it is heralded as a smart nutrition and fitness coach which is able to amalgamate sports science with innovative fitness technology to provide a quicker and easier way to achieve your fitness goal. It should be seen as a personal nutritionist and fitness expert that works all day every day. Staying in shape and eating healthy to do so, is something that should be seamlessly fun, regardless of if you are at the gym, at home or work. Fitwell provides you with personalised workout and meal plans as a simpler way to foster better habits enabling you to reach your fitness and health goals.


This was created in 2014, and it has a major aim to transform the way individual’s workout while helping them remain in shape. It concentrates on time. the application enables to you work out in a manner that is not only time-efficient but effective. It does this by making use of the innovative ANTELOPE SUIT which includes Electro Muscle Stimulation. Simply by using this for 20 mins, you gain the equivalent of almost 3 hours in traditional exercises. Simply by making use of one session, you can become a stronger, healthier you.


This application was created in 2014, with a vision to enable people all over the planet and not just in Biloxi to exercise together in a manner that is not only fun but competitively and socially. Racefully enables its users to exercise whenever and wherever with no geographical limitations. It also enables companies to boost employee engagement, whilst lowering health costs via a compelling group-based fitness tool.


This is a great app as it has been said to be an improved method for working out as it motivates users by offering up instant access to the best instructors wherever and whenever. It does this by offering guided audio workout, with each class bringing up motivational guidance from an instructor. It also comes with a carefully curated playlist which helps to challenge, inspire and push users as hard as possible. The app should be seen as an updated gym, with a difference, it is completely digital and personal.


GymCraft has been described as a fitness company that combines the seemingly separate worlds of gaming and fitness to create VR workouts. what it does it enable its users to connect the equipment to a game using a USB, which then enables them to use the virtual reality world to compete against friends. GymCraft offers its VR fitness solution for corporates, homes and gyms in Biloxi and all around the world.


Aaptiv is an app that offers a subscription-based platform for auditory fitness classes. For a low price, its users are able to access hundreds, if not thousands of varying workout sessions such as yoga, strength training, running, yoga and other programs. Users are able to get audio hints from trainers during the workouts.


BurnAlong is an app that aims to make crowd exercises convenient by offering an online platform which can be used to supplement workouts at fitness studios or gyms. In house fitness instructor are able to either host classes live or record them on the site, enabling users to log on and work out as a group. The main motivation is social accountability.


Forte can be defined as a start-up with promises to revolutionise the gym and fitness industry. It aims to do this by offering access to modern studio classes in Biloxi which are spearheaded by accomplished fitness experts. What you get is a subscription and technology-based platform which has software and hardware installed into the studio and that enables the classes to be instantaneously streamed to the platform.

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