What Is The Average Gym Owner Salary in Biloxi, Mississippi


If you are reading this, it is certain that you are interested in opening up a gym in Biloxi. But before you do so, you want to know just how much you can earn as a salary. Well, the truth is, there really isn’t a definite answer. Gym owners do not have a fixed salary as the salary they earn is dependent on the profit they make, how many hours they are willing to work at the gym, and how much of the profit is reinvested in the gym. What this means is that how much you make is really down to you. That being said, there are baseline salaries which Biloxi gym owners make. Let us first see how the three important factors have on your income ability.


What Is The Average Gym Owner Salary in Biloxi, Mississippi



The only way you can pay yourself a salary is if you are turning a profit. And profit only happens when your expenses are exceeded by your revenue. When it comes to the gym business, there are only three seamless ways you can raise your profit:

 Bring in new streams of revenue by offering special workout programs, or formulating your own workout beverages and supplements to sell

 Get more members into the gym by advertising

 Raise your gym membership price by 5% or so, although this could anger your current clients and in the gym world, it is much better to keep a hold of your current clients.


This plays an important part in how much you earn as salary. For instance, if you happen to make a yearly profit of $100,000 after-tax, it does mean that you can pay yourself $100,000 as salary if you decide to take the money out of the business. Doing that, however, means that you have no money led to invest in integral things such as marketing, staffing, repairs, maintenance and advertising. This translates to you being unable to find new customers, your equipment being able to be replaced if they fail and then that could force your customers to find a different gym with equipment that actually works. When you reinvest your profits into the gym, you are able to help it grow. And when your business grows, you can get higher profits. There is also an extra benefit of investing your profits back into the business, you get a tax break for it.


The salary you are able to pay yourself as a Biloxi gym owner is dependent on the amount of debt you have. The truth is setting up a gym is a capital intensive endeavour, and you will be required to pay your debt off before you are able to live large. So, unless you happened to have a large cache of money, or are backed by a wall street investor, there is a large chance that you will have a lot of debt to pay. To give you an illustrative example, say you start up your gym and it costs you $100,000, what that equals to is 100 clients at $1,000 annually. When it comes to debt repayment, there are 2 things you can do, you can either act like it is a fixed overhead item that eventually disappears or you can work on clearing it off as quickly as you can. when you do the first, it will end up costing you a lot more than the actual debt in the long-term, but it does mean you can pay yourself a larger salary. When you choose the second method, you end up paying less interest, however, it does mean you will have lower profits, as a large amount of the money you make is going towards the debt.

What do Biloxi gym owners earn?

Mississippi is expected to see a rise in personal trainers and fitness instructors which is higher than the country’s average. Given that the state, Biloxi, in particular, has great year-round weather, it makes sense that more people are looking to get fit and work out. What this means is, that as a gym owner, you have a large customer base which you can benefit from and that then increases your potential profits and salary. The amount of experience typically influences how much you earn as a gym owner in Mississippi. As with most businesses, the more experience you have, the more money you are likely to make 

Below is the information from the Mississippi Department of Employment Security on how much you are expected to earn:

 If you are just starting out, perhaps this is your first time owning a gym in Biloxi, the baseline salary you can earn per year is $19,720.

 If you have a couple years of training as a personal instructor and are looking to open a gym, you can earn an annual salary of $31,900.

 If you have at least a decade of experience and certification as a persona trainer, you can earn a base salary of $39,570.

There are quite a lot of regional and national gym chains operating in the Biloxi area, so it is no surprise that you can earn quite a large sum given that the population and prospective customer base is present.



Opening a gym in the Biloxi area seems like a smart move given that fitness has developed into an extremely important thing for an ever-increasing number of individuals. One of the reasons why people are motivated to work out at the gyms is simply because they believe it can aid them in living a life that is fitter and more active. Simply taking a bit of time out of their schedule to head to the gym and lift weights shows that they are vested in the getting fitter. For them to do this, they are willing to give their money to individuals and facilities that provide an adequate workout venue and the extra incentive and motivation to get promising results. Gym owners are the ones that fit that role, and they are rewarded with substantial remuneration.

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