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There is a general misconception about a gym membership. Many people believe that getting a gym membership is the solution to lots of challenges such as obesity, a bad physique, and physical health-related issues. While a gym membership is a step in the right direction, it is not a guarantee that you will get results in due time. You need to go about your gym activities the right way to get the type of result you desire.

If you are not getting these results after some time, then there is a huge probability that you are doing some things the right way. Let’s examine what could be wrong.

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You have been leaving out the heavyweights.

For those who are in the gym to go about a full bodybuilding process, you won’t be doing yourself any good if you continue working out with little girly dumbbells for a long time.

Michele Olson, (a Ph.D. professor of exercise science at Auburn University) addresses why you need to go beyond primary working out measures if you want to get this type of result. She says, “You have two types of muscle fibers: slow and fast. If you don’t use heavier weights, you neglect an entire set of muscle fibers, namely the fast fibers, which are important for moving quickly, lifting weighty objects (your heavy purse, grocery bag, suitcase), and for spine and hip stability,”

While at it, make sure you are always moving both your arm and legs. Olson went further to say that “Athletes with the fittest cardiovascular systems are total-body, aerobic athletes such as cross country skiers and swimmers.” Obviously, this is essential for all-round development.

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You leave out your upper body while taking cardio sessions.

While working out, Olson recommends using machines with an upper-body component. Good examples of machines in this category are total-body elliptical machines. It affords gym members the luxury of alternatively focusing on the upper and lower body during cardio sessions. That way, you don’t leave out your upper body while taking cardio sessions.

You are not sticking to the plan.

To start with, why did you decide to get a gym membership? How busy are you? Do you have any underlying health condition that could demand a limitation in the weight of drills you can go through? These are some of the major questions that decide the plan you will be given if you choose to visit a gym?

You need to understand that the reason why a plan is essential is because it is designed to help you attain your gym goals within the time you are available. Therefore, if you claim you’ll make it to the gym five days a week, and you end up making one or two, you are not sticking to the plan. You can guess what the result would be; you won’t get the result you desire.

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You are not making your efforts count.

To make your efforts count, you have to put in enough work while you are in the gym. If you would be spending just two hours in the gym, make sure it is quality time with respect to how much work you put in. So, how much time were you intensely exercising during your 2-hour stay? Of a truth, it is fun to crack some jokes and have fun with other gym mates in the gym. However, you shouldn’t overdo it so much that you end up spending very little to do what you came to do.

When starting, exercise can feel tiresome and painful. However, it would help if you did not relent in your efforts with time, your body will adjust to the various exercise movements, and your strength and stamina improve. If you can learn to push yourself properly, you can also benefit from the high rate of a higher metabolism that occurs after an intense exercise.

You are not maximizing the presence of experts in your gym center.

A good number of gyms in Biloxi have that one person who knows quite a lot about the body anatomy and general bodybuilding affairs. It could be trainers, movement specialists, physical therapists, nutritionists, or registered dietitians. These are great assets for you if you want to get the desired result from your gym membership.

Therefore, make sure to get them involved with you while you work out. They are trained to determine some needs you may have that you don’t even know about. Such ignorance could prevent you from making progress or even bringing about an injury.

If your goal is weight loss, this move is non-negotiable. A dietician is needed to help you keep an eye on your consumption pattern. Every other expert mentioned above contributes to the growth of gym members in important ways. Therefore, look out for them in your gym center and let them help you.

You Skip a post-workout stretch.

This is one of the most common mistakes exercisers make. Gym members underestimate the importance of a post-workout stretch. Once you are done with a workout session, you are within the best time to stretch. This is because your muscles are warm and flowing with oxygen-rich blood at that moment. If you have been skipping this, then it’s time to pay attention to it.

When you are done with the gym, Stretch the front side of your body first, then stretch other body parts. This order of stretching is effective because tighter muscles on the front of the body can tone down flexibility in the back of your body.


It is not enough to register in a gym if you want to own an amazing physique. Your workout sessions would yield the desired results only if you put in efforts. Make sure you register at gyms in Biloxi who are staffed with the relevant experts so they can help you achieve the desired result.

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